Charting The Beatles

I am a huge fan of the Beatles so I was completely shocked when I stumbled upon a site with a section devoted to exploring the Beatles music through information graphics.   The below info graphic is a visual depiction of songwriting contribution from 1963 – 1970.    You can see other visualizations from Michael Deal’s site as well (Song Keys, Working Schedule, Self Referencing Songs).   Ringo was responsible for only two songs, but they were good ones.

It would be interesting to see what the 70s looks like!

There is also an open collaboration project exploring the music of the Beatles through information graphics too.

Have a nice weekend!


One Response to Charting The Beatles

  1. Another cool idea for a Beatles dataviz would be vocal contribution analysis by song. With all of the harmonies, George (green) would have a stronger representation.

    What a fun application of Data Visualization!

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