2011 Predictions for Analytics


There is no lack of predictions around this time of the year, so the timing of IIA’s 2011 Prediction for Analytics conference call was a perfect reason for me to summarize the briefing. Without further ado (I added #10)…

  1. With even modest economic growth in 2011, the use of analytics as a competitive differentiator in
    selected industries will explode.
  2. The gap between analytical innovators and those who do not invest in analytics will widen in high profile
  3. The roles of marketing, sales, human resources, IT management, and finance will continue to be
    transformed by the use of analytics in 2011.
  4. 15 Chief Analytics Officers (CAO) will be appointed in 2011.
  5. The availability of strong business-focused analytical talent will be the greatest constraint on
    organizations’ analytical capabilities in 2011.
  6. Database capacity, processor speeds and software enhancements will continue to drive even more
    sophisticated applications of analytics in 2011.
  7. Newer analytical methods in the areas of text analytics, survival mining, time series mining, net-lift
    modeling, and data visualization will grow in use in 2011.
  8. Consolidation of analytics software players will continue; entry of specialized analytics software and
    service providers will accelerate.
  9. Regulatory and privacy constraints will continue to hamper growth of marketing analytics.
  10. Analytic professionals will be more versed in problem definition, data integration, and data visualization techniques along with the required quantitative skills.

You can download the detailed predictions in PDF format or listen to the briefing.

The International Institute for Analytics (IIA) is dedicated to the advancement of analytics in everyday business practices. Under the direction of Tom Davenport, IIA brings together the world’s leading analytics practitioners and researchers to provide unique insights to both business and IT leaders on the most current research findings and industry best practices. Learn more about the Institute

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