Revveal is about helping people make better decisions using the massive amounts of data we collect.  Sounds pretty simple, right?   Unfortunately that is not always the case.  The good news is that there is a convergence of skills and expertise that are coming together to help make our information explosion less complicated.  People who have historically fallen into one of the categories below are now acquiring the skills to span many, if not all categories. In general the information worker of the future will need to be able to perform these skill to be successful:

  1. Import or extract data from one or many data sources
  2. Parse and filter the data to remove the “noise”
  3. Analyze, reveal, and understand patterns in the data
  4. Design and develop easy, yet sophisticated, interfaces that will allow users to discover new questions and answers
  5. Communicate and convince clients (could be a customer, consumer, co-worker, etc.) the importance of the results

Michael Driscoll makes a great point on the Dataspora Blog which points out these critical skills and Nathan Yau also blogs about the Rise of the Data Scientist which touches this subject as well.   Highly recommend subscribing to both of these blogs.

I personally am knee deep in data on a daily basis (sometimes I am swimming it it!) and hope to use this blog to point out interesting and provocative blogs and ideas to the community as well.   My current job allows me to work across all the categories listed above so my posts may run the gamut.   My ultimate goal is to help and educate people to use the sea of data available to us in making better decisions by creatively applying the skills listed above.

I am a sports fanatic so you might see some post relating to fantasy football statistics!


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